2008. 12. 15. 15:51

'Modify' - our newly added feature

You perfectionists out there!
I know how uncomfortable it was to save your not-so-perfect work and show in public.
Now you don't have to worry about it.

Just save your work as 'closed.*'

Go to the view page and click on 'Modify.'
Go ahead. Start perfecting your work!
Soon there will be an option to switch to 'open' from 'closed' when you feel it's ready.

* About our saving options:
'Closed Save' won't allow your work to be modified by other users while 'Open Save' will. If you 'Open Save,' the work will be saved in TogetherPAN, where people can relay draw after your work. 
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  1. chomby 2010.02.11 22:08 address edit & del reply

    what about the drawings that you chosed "open" to, can you change it back to "close"?

  2. nopalea 2012.11.10 11:14 address edit & del reply

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