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  1. 2008.12.03 Stickman Animations!
  2. 2008.12.01 Flying Dragon by DJTrock
  3. 2008.11.10 Animation by Gurimzzang (3)
  4. 2008.11.07 SketchPAN : How to use AnimationPAN (5)
2008.12.03 11:52

Stickman Animations!

Let's forget about those complicated human body animations from yesterday!
We're more familiar with stickmen anyway. Well, at least for me they are...

Great things about stickman animations are that they are easy, dynamic, and funny!

Check out some of hilarious Stickman Animations by our SketchPAN friends. LOL
If you see some other better ones or you can do better, let me know!

By Turtleyang 'Crazy Bouncing Ball'

By Mongdangyeonpil 'Spiderman losing control'

By Sauros 'Gun Shooting'

By sdfasdf1 'B-boy'
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2008.12.01 10:30

Flying Dragon by DJTrock

This animation created by DJTrock was amazing! 
We couldn't help but post his work up here.

DJTrock's comment:
"I made this with boredom and from a Plan I had many years ago,
Sketchpan made it possible! Thanks sketchpan!"

Thank you DJTrock for creating the awesome Flying Dragon animation with SketchPAN! 

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2008.11.10 12:56

Animation by Gurimzzang

This short yet impactful animation was created by our user, Gurimzzang,
who is only a middle school student. Enjoy~!

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2008.11.07 14:34

SketchPAN : How to use AnimationPAN

“You have interesting stories in mind? Tell us in motion picture!”
lets you create a flipbook.

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