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  1. 2014.07.07 "Live Canvas Sketchpan" Official Video
  2. 2012.11.18 Sketory Drawing Game App! (Samsung Apps Store)
  3. 2012.04.20 SketchPAN APP has been launched on Facebook!! (5)
  4. 2009.06.06 The Drawing Day has come!
  5. 2009.05.31 Drawing day.. D-6
  6. 2009.05.03 About MyPAN!
  7. 2009.04.26 Our New Service, "Image Talk!"
  8. 2009.04.12 Our New Service, PuzzlePAN! (3)
  9. 2009.04.12 Our New Service, Live PAN is here!
  10. 2009.01.06 Add bling to your blog. SketchPAN widget is here! (2)
2014. 7. 7. 16:27

"Live Canvas Sketchpan" Official Video

"Live Canvas Sketchpan" Official Video

You can easily draw a picture by the Sketchpan App.
Enjoy the Skechpan App anytime and anywhere.
Available on the Google Playstore for free, search for 'sketchpan'!


* Features
1. Store your drawing forever
- Drawings and the drawing processes are securely stored in our web server.
- Therefore, you can keep the drawings forever without having to worry about losing them in space.

2. Enjoy watching moving images.
- Enjoy watching the drawing processes of your friends or other people. 

3. Make friends by drawings.
- You can subscribe to other people's gallery and make friends using drawing notes.
- Communicate to Notificatios and social feeds

4. Enjoy learning how to sketch.
- Learn to sketch with Sketchpan! Like a personla art teacher, it will teach you how to sketch various objects.

For questions or customer support, e-mail

Wolrd Without Words.sketchpan.com

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2012. 11. 18. 22:48

Sketory Drawing Game App! (Samsung Apps Store)



We are happy to let you know that SketchPAN just launched Sketory Drawing Game App

on Samsung Apps Store and it is chosen as one of ‘HOT Apps’ at the Samsung Apps Store!!

If you are a Samsung smartphone users, you can download it from the link :


Or type in 'Sketory ChatOn' from Samsung Apps

[How to Play Sketory]


Try to guess as many words as you can within a limited of time!

Use skip and hint items when needed. 


Be initiative! Become a creator of the game.

Your fun drawing will be played by other users! You can also share your saved drawings to your ChatON messenger friends. Try changing drawing sounds to add extra fun .


You can view all the fun drawings created by users.

Share your drawings to your Facebook, Twitter, and ChatOn friends.

* You can also play and create from our website www.sketory.com

Start improving your creativity and drawing skills with Sketory.

We’ll constantly improve our service to meet your creativity.

So do not hesitate to contact help@sketchpan.com if you have any ideas or problems.

Please don’t forget to ‘LIKE’ it and give us lots of Stars from Samsung Apps!

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2012. 4. 20. 16:00

SketchPAN APP has been launched on Facebook!!

We just opened our SketchPAN APP last night. Since it's our fresh start, we truly need your drawing support. If you are a fb user, please like the APP and start showing off your great skill. Will be waiting for you!! <3

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2009. 6. 6. 23:36

The Drawing Day has come!

Let's start drawing!
Show the SketchPAN spirit~ Yeah!!


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2009. 5. 31. 17:24

Drawing day.. D-6

We know all of you are counting for the day 06.06. to come.
Yes, the Drawing Day is coming on June 6th 2009!!

We already have few drawings up on our site, but
remember only the 06.06 ones count!

So thrilled to see your drawings on the day.
Let's show the SketchPAN spirit!!
Let's show the Creatives spirit!!
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2009. 5. 3. 14:59

About MyPAN!

Just few tips on how to use MyPAN.
Did you know that every member of SketchPAN has his/her own profile page?
It is called MyPAN, which can be organized according to your taste.

For profile, not only you can upload a drawing, but you can also upload a photo of your own portrait or anything. (It's the only place where you can upload a file from your desktop) 

When you add someone as a friend, the friend profile image will automatically be collected on FriendsPAN. You can click on it to visit his/her PAN.

Make the best use out of ScrapPAN (scrapbook) and GuestPAN (guestbook), too.
It's one fun way of communicating with friends in SketchPAN where everyone loves drawing.

      * Thanks, ZeroYuki. We used your PAN as an example because you are one rock star!
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2009. 4. 26. 20:28

Our New Service, "Image Talk!"

Introducing our new service 'Image Talk'
Pick the subject you wish to discuss about in drawings!

'Image Talk' is a new way of making friends by finding common interests between you and other people through drawings. 

Click on the Image Talk button (marked red).
Click on the one you are interested in, leave image comments, and see what other people are talking, we mean drawing, about each topics. If you like what the other person was thinking, add him/her as a friend!

Our current topics. You can also suggest one,too!

We are trying our best to find every possible way of communicating with images. Have fun!

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2009. 4. 12. 17:41

Our New Service, PuzzlePAN!

Wow. How happy we are to introduce another fun game today!
It's a puzzle game. Might sound ordinary, but believe us, it's not. 

This puzzle game is made out of your own drawing! Fascinating, huh?
Click on GamePAN, and you'll see it.

It will automatically shuffle drawings from Best PAN for you.
If you only want to play with your own drawings, click on image option 
and change to My PAN. (marked red)

If it's too easy, change the level. (marked green)

You can also put the mini puzzlePAN on your blog by clicking on the
"Share puzzle game"
The result? See the top right of this blog. 
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2009. 4. 12. 17:15

Our New Service, Live PAN is here!

What you've all been waiting for... Live PAN is finally here!
Yes, it's a PAN where everyone can come in and draw simultaneously.

You just need to log in first,
and click on the Live PAN button on the left (marked red)

For more details about the service, see the below and check it out ;)!

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2009. 1. 6. 10:46

Add bling to your blog. SketchPAN widget is here!

Now you can install SketchPAN Gallery widget from widgetbox


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