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  1. 2008.12.03 Stickman Animations!
  2. 2008.11.10 Lamborghini by Mongdangyeonpil (4)
2008.12.03 11:52

Stickman Animations!

Let's forget about those complicated human body animations from yesterday!
We're more familiar with stickmen anyway. Well, at least for me they are...

Great things about stickman animations are that they are easy, dynamic, and funny!

Check out some of hilarious Stickman Animations by our SketchPAN friends. LOL
If you see some other better ones or you can do better, let me know!

By Turtleyang 'Crazy Bouncing Ball'

By Mongdangyeonpil 'Spiderman losing control'

By Sauros 'Gun Shooting'

By sdfasdf1 'B-boy'
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2008.11.10 12:49

Lamborghini by Mongdangyeonpil

One of our users, Mongdangyeonpil, always tries something revolutionary 
with SketchPAN. Here is his drawing of Lamborghini. 
It's quite mesmerizing to see his approach.


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