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  1. 2009.04.12 Our New Service, Live PAN is here!
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2009.04.12 17:15

Our New Service, Live PAN is here!

What you've all been waiting for... Live PAN is finally here!
Yes, it's a PAN where everyone can come in and draw simultaneously.

You just need to log in first,
and click on the Live PAN button on the left (marked red)

For more details about the service, see the below and check it out ;)!

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2008.11.06 12:59

What is SketchPAN - Live Canvas?

SketchPAN is an open online drawing community site where anybody can participate and share their creations.

SketchPAN provides you a canvas ‘PAN’ where you can create, modify, and organize with simple tools. You do not need any advanced art skills and no software installation is necessary. It’s Easy, Light, and Fun!

These are our four services we currently provide: DrawingPAN, AnimationPAN, TogetherPAN, and ShopPAN. Please stay tuned as we are developing more exciting services for you.

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