'drawing day'에 해당되는 글 2건

  1. 2009.06.06 The Drawing Day has come!
  2. 2009.05.31 Drawing day.. D-6
2009. 6. 6. 23:36

The Drawing Day has come!

Let's start drawing!
Show the SketchPAN spirit~ Yeah!!


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2009. 5. 31. 17:24

Drawing day.. D-6

We know all of you are counting for the day 06.06. to come.
Yes, the Drawing Day is coming on June 6th 2009!!

We already have few drawings up on our site, but
remember only the 06.06 ones count!

So thrilled to see your drawings on the day.
Let's show the SketchPAN spirit!!
Let's show the Creatives spirit!!
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