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  1. 2008.12.04 Draw your selfportrait
  2. 2008.11.13 Barack Obama (2)
  3. 2008.11.10 Lamborghini by Mongdangyeonpil (4)
  4. 2008.11.07 Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (4)
2008.12.04 11:23

Draw your selfportrait

Did you know? 

Nearly every artist from painters to scultptors since Early Renaisaance have modeled for themselves in their own works of art. Whether it was an attempt to explore oneself or simply because of the availability, let's say it was a trend from long time ago. Nowaday we've got cameras instead, but so does everybody else.
Too ordinary..right?

Show off your skills. Let the world see your hotness ;)

Take a look at selfportraits created on DrawingPAN by few hot artist. Enjoy!




Wonseok Kim

Sloth (as a guest)

Daye (as a guest)

Omega (as a guest)
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2008.11.13 11:20

Barack Obama

                         Just had to post up this b-e-a-utiful drawing Mummuh did of Barack Obama. 

            and the Real SketchPAN Video!
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2008.11.10 12:49

Lamborghini by Mongdangyeonpil

One of our users, Mongdangyeonpil, always tries something revolutionary 
with SketchPAN. Here is his drawing of Lamborghini. 
It's quite mesmerizing to see his approach.


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2008.11.07 15:23

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton


Drawing by our hot artist Mummuh!
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