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  1. 2009.05.03 About MyPAN!
  2. 2008.11.07 What did you wear for Hallowe'en? (3)
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2009.05.03 14:59

About MyPAN!

Just few tips on how to use MyPAN.
Did you know that every member of SketchPAN has his/her own profile page?
It is called MyPAN, which can be organized according to your taste.

For profile, not only you can upload a drawing, but you can also upload a photo of your own portrait or anything. (It's the only place where you can upload a file from your desktop) 

When you add someone as a friend, the friend profile image will automatically be collected on FriendsPAN. You can click on it to visit his/her PAN.

Make the best use out of ScrapPAN (scrapbook) and GuestPAN (guestbook), too.
It's one fun way of communicating with friends in SketchPAN where everyone loves drawing.

      * Thanks, ZeroYuki. We used your PAN as an example because you are one rock star!
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2008.11.07 16:22

What did you wear for Hallowe'en?

Why don't you draw what you wore for the last Hallowe'en 
and share with other friends?

Monsters are fun to draw and animate. Have fun!!

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2008.11.07 16:19

Cat lovers

Are you a cat lover?
So are many of our SketchPAN friends!  
Come and share your cat drawings or animations with others. Meow!

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