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  1. 2008.11.10 Collect your dunnies with SketchPAN! (2)
  2. 2008.11.07 SketchPAN Services: All-in-One (1)
2008. 11. 10. 18:51

Collect your dunnies with SketchPAN!

Have you ever collected or wanted to collect dunnies or bearbricks for yourself? 
Now you can do it for free by loggin on to SketchPAN and relay draw the dunnies template at TogetherPAN by clicking on "Relay Drawing" (marked as red on the image)

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2008. 11. 7. 14:54

SketchPAN Services: All-in-One

Our Main Page: 

  • If you are wondering what this service is about, click 'ABOUT'
  • If you want to check who's the hottest artists these days, click "HOT ARTISTS" 

  • 'Top Live drawings' shows the most popular drawings and animations. 
    You can browse them in groups of today, this week, this month, and all time.
  • 'Recent Live Drawing' shows very new drawings and animations that are created by users. 
  • 'Recent Together Live Drawings' shows very new relay drawings created from TogetherPAN.
  • 'Live Drawings by Guests'shows new drawings and animations that are created by non sign-in users.
  • You can also view contents by Mood and/or Design.   

DrawingPAN lets you record your drawing process and replay it.

AnimationPAN lets you create a flipbook.

TogetherPAN lets you relay draw after another to create a collaborative artwork. 

ShopPAN lets you start with more than a blank sheet of paper.

MyPAN is your personal page. Keep track of drawings by your friends and your own.
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