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  1. 2011.03.31 Drawing Day 2011 is just around the corner!
2011. 3. 31. 10:37

Drawing Day 2011 is just around the corner!


Did you know SketchPAN is one of the participating websites listed on Drawingday.org?

Drawing Day is coming in few months!! It's happening on June 4th, 2011.
How exiting!!
The goal of Drawing Day is to create enough drawings to make some noise
worldwide for the sake of art.
And they're aiming to collect 1 million drawings worldwide.

If you are an art lover, sketchpan lover, it's time that you participate!

How to participate:

When drawing on Sketchpan.com, make sure you put the title drawing day to start with "Drawing day-my cat"
If you upload a video, mention Drawing Day at the start of your video.
Add the term drawing day in the tags of your drawings E.g. "Drawing day-my cat"
Place the Drawing Day buttons and banners on your blog, myspace, facebook, and website

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