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  1. 2008.12.05 Attention Japanese Anime Lovers!
  2. 2008.11.17 Overflowing Creativity by our SketchPAN users! (2)
2008.12.05 13:05

Attention Japanese Anime Lovers!

Which Japanese Anime can't you get enough of?

Katekyoo Hitman Reborn!Pokemon, Astro Boy, Inuyasha, Death NoteNaruto, One piece, Card captor SakuraShin-chanATAMAm'MA(Atashinchi)...

You name it! All the popular Japanese anime characters can be seen at SketchPAN.

These drawings (Yes, they are real drawings done with DrawingPAN!) are created by our users:
Mummuh, Magic, ZeroYuki, Gurimzzangimwoo, BlackJin, and r1015s5d

job, guys!!

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2008.11.17 16:16

Overflowing Creativity by our SketchPAN users!

We are surprised to see all the innovative ways our friends communicate visually.
Here are some awesome examples we came across today!

Color field drawing by Guest

'Love Tree' by Hitomi looks like an oil painting !

A beautiful manga drawing using limited color palette "Green" by Pusha

Drawing of a game screen 'Guitar Hero' by Mayte

'Naruto's B-day present' animated by ZeroYuki
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