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  1. 2009.04.12 Our New Service, PuzzlePAN! (3)
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2009.04.12 17:41

Our New Service, PuzzlePAN!

Wow. How happy we are to introduce another fun game today!
It's a puzzle game. Might sound ordinary, but believe us, it's not. 

This puzzle game is made out of your own drawing! Fascinating, huh?
Click on GamePAN, and you'll see it.

It will automatically shuffle drawings from Best PAN for you.
If you only want to play with your own drawings, click on image option 
and change to My PAN. (marked red)

If it's too easy, change the level. (marked green)

You can also put the mini puzzlePAN on your blog by clicking on the
"Share puzzle game"
The result? See the top right of this blog. 
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2008.12.11 12:31

Add "SketchPAN" to your iGoogle page or your website!

Add "SketchPAN" to your iGoogle page!  ▷Click here to Add! 

Or add "SketchPAN" gadget to your webpage!  ▷Click here to Add!  
You can also customize it to show your works only.
Show off your drawing/animation skills to your buddies! 

If you have a trouble adding, leave us a message on the guest book. 
Or email us at sketchpan@gmail.com 
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