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  1. 2009.01.06 Add bling to your blog. SketchPAN widget is here! (2)
  2. 2008.12.11 Add "SketchPAN" to your iGoogle page or your website! (4)
  3. 2008.12.08 Draw-A-Bear
  4. 2008.12.04 Draw your selfportrait
  5. 2008.12.03 Stickman Animations!
  6. 2008.12.02 Human Body Animations
  7. 2008.12.01 Flying Dragon by DJTrock
  8. 2008.11.28 Happy Thanksgiving! (2)
  9. 2008.11.24 Drawing Technique: Scratch Art (2)
  10. 2008.11.23 A post on Chili Seed Media (2)
2009. 1. 6. 10:46

Add bling to your blog. SketchPAN widget is here!

Now you can install SketchPAN Gallery widget from widgetbox


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2008. 12. 11. 12:31

Add "SketchPAN" to your iGoogle page or your website!

Add "SketchPAN" to your iGoogle page!  ▷Click here to Add! 

Or add "SketchPAN" gadget to your webpage!  ▷Click here to Add!  
You can also customize it to show your works only.
Show off your drawing/animation skills to your buddies! 

If you have a trouble adding, leave us a message on the guest book. 
Or email us at sketchpan@gmail.com 
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2008. 12. 8. 18:40


Scream bear, Soldier bear, Santa bear, Teddy bear.. 
whichever bears transform into, they are oh-so-adorable~~

Drawings by (starting from top left to right) 
Shimma, Haerlim, Haerlim
Rushare,Mummuh, Joheejin
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2008. 12. 4. 11:23

Draw your selfportrait

Did you know? 

Nearly every artist from painters to scultptors since Early Renaisaance have modeled for themselves in their own works of art. Whether it was an attempt to explore oneself or simply because of the availability, let's say it was a trend from long time ago. Nowaday we've got cameras instead, but so does everybody else.
Too ordinary..right?

Show off your skills. Let the world see your hotness ;)

Take a look at selfportraits created on DrawingPAN by few hot artist. Enjoy!




Wonseok Kim

Sloth (as a guest)

Daye (as a guest)

Omega (as a guest)
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2008. 12. 3. 11:52

Stickman Animations!

Let's forget about those complicated human body animations from yesterday!
We're more familiar with stickmen anyway. Well, at least for me they are...

Great things about stickman animations are that they are easy, dynamic, and funny!

Check out some of hilarious Stickman Animations by our SketchPAN friends. LOL
If you see some other better ones or you can do better, let me know!

By Turtleyang 'Crazy Bouncing Ball'

By Mongdangyeonpil 'Spiderman losing control'

By Sauros 'Gun Shooting'

By sdfasdf1 'B-boy'
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2008. 12. 2. 14:21

Human Body Animations

We've got some amazing animators who created physics based body animations. 
Check them out!

'Running man' by EJTM 

'Moonwalk!' by a guest from Australia

'Throwing Balls' by Gagagam
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2008. 12. 1. 10:30

Flying Dragon by DJTrock

This animation created by DJTrock was amazing! 
We couldn't help but post his work up here.

DJTrock's comment:
"I made this with boredom and from a Plan I had many years ago,
Sketchpan made it possible! Thanks sketchpan!"

Thank you DJTrock for creating the awesome Flying Dragon animation with SketchPAN! 

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2008. 11. 28. 11:11

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you all have safe and joyful holiday~

An adorable animation message created by our friend from the States, Toto.
Check it out!

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2008. 11. 24. 10:50

Drawing Technique: Scratch Art

Have you ever tried scratch art?
Scratch art is a drawing technique that lets you create colorful drawings. 
You first color all over your paper with bright crayons, then color black over the top. Finally you can use an eraser (a sharp pin in real life) to scratch off the black to draw and reveal the beautiful colorful surface underneath.

Take a look at some of scratch art works that our SketchPAN friends have done on DrawingPAN.  How creative!!


And their drawing videos:

  by Mani
  by Magic

  by KillerLoop

  by aYoohwa
   by fkrGa

  by Choroki
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2008. 11. 23. 14:34

A post on Chili Seed Media

The Chili Seed Media (www.chiliseed.com) just put a post about our service few days ago! 
Sorry, it's in Chinese. (I can't read it either..)

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